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Who We Are

Richardson, Whitman, Large & Badger specializes in civil and commercial litigation. With offices in Portland and Bangor, Maine, the firm has a statewide practice. We have also handled cases in other states in association with other counsel.

The lawyers at RWLB have taken hundreds of cases to trial. We believe our success rate in the courtroom is unmatched.  Winning trials is only half the story. Our goal is to work with you to manage your litigation, or pre-litigation dispute, in the most effective manner possible.  If your case has not yet gone into litigation, we can help you try to avoid litigation either by suggesting ways to work with the potential parties or to settle the case. If the case is in litigation, we will give you an early assessment of the chances of a dismissal or summary judgment and the steps needed to get to that result. We will discuss the possibility and advisability of settlement with you from the beginning of the case. Whether we jointly determine that the case is one that should be settled or one that should be tried, we will help you determine what steps should be taken to obtain an advantageous result and minimize your litigation costs. We have years of experience in estimating costs and we strive to manage cases within a budget. We recognize that nine out of ten lawsuits will be settled or resolved before a verdict. 

RWLB is a firm of eleven lawyers, with nine lawyers resident in the Portland office and two lawyers in the Bangor office. Most of our attorneys have been in practice over twenty years.  We have three experienced paralegals and a very experienced staff, most of whom have also been at the firm for many years. We have strong personal relationships with our clients and their staffs.  Our size and experience allow us to respond quickly and effectively to our clients’ needs.

Who We Represent 

RWLB has represented hundreds of individuals and businesses in litigation and in regulatory proceedings. The firm’s clients include small family businesses, local Maine companies and some of the world’s largest multinational corporations. Our client list spans all sectors of the economy: automakers, construction contractors, equipment and consumer product manufacturers, retailers, doctors, lawyers, real estate brokers, veterinarians, grocery stores, insurance agencies, insurance companies, cities and municipalities. Many of our clients are local to Maine; even more are from all over the country.

Our firm is widely known as a defense firm because we handle a large and diverse volume of litigation for more than thirty insurance companies and many large, self insured corporations. Subject to certain criteria, the firm also represents individual and corporate clients as plaintiffs.  We are experienced in working with our clients to set goals and budgets for each case. We are accustomed to satisfying our clients’ particular needs, ranging from special reporting requirements to electronic communication.